Cupa "Ciuca Petre" - editia I

Cupa "Ciuca Petre" - editia I

Cupa "Ciuca Petre" - editia I

"Ciuca Petre" Cup - 1st edition

Contest Type: Fishing contest.
Date of the contest: 05.sept.2021.
Location: Balta Agroacva - Chiscani.
Participation fee: 130 lei.
Seats available: 30 participants.

Competition program:
06:00 Meeting and technical meeting.
06:15 Draw.
07:00 Entrance to the stands and preparation.
08.00 START agrees.
14.00 STOP contest, weighing, ranking and award ceremony.

This contest is dedicated exclusively to Apsbr members, in memory of the one who will always remain in our hearts, Nea Ciuca.

It is fished with a single fishing rod in the classic style, with a fixed line at the top and not exceeding the length of the rod by more than 15-20CM, equipped with nylon, cork, lead and a single hook (reels, ladders, elastics, etc. are forbidden .).
You can use any bait for hooks, and any type of bait. Heavy swimming is allowed for 10 minutes. before the contest starts. It is also allowed to maintain maintenance during the game with lumps that will have a size of max 3-5cm in diameter. Unlimited amount of bait.
Each competitor can have as many sticks as he wants on the shore, with different lengths, but only one in the water.
Advertising! It is fished in front of the stand without disturbing the neighbors on the left or right.
The duration of the contest is 6 hours.
Score any type of fish.

The competitor in the pontoon stand is strictly forbidden to fish or catch fish on it (elimination)
Mandatory textile jewel of at least 3M. Weights weighing more than 2 kg shall be weighed and released immediately. Fishing rods and fish caught on land are not allowed (warning).
At the final whistle, the fisherman pulls the fishing rod ashore, they gather the luggage, leave the fishing spot clean and wait for the referee to weigh it without going to the jeweler. If at the end of the competition there are fishermen with fish in the drill, they will have the devices for 10 minutes to catch it. Weighing is done only once with the signing of the catch sheet. In case of a tie, the tie is made by weighing the largest catch. If a competitor has caught a significant fish in the fishing rod and it has exceeded the stand, the fisherman has the obligation to notify the respective neighbors to the left of God in order to protect his tools. Only score the fish caught in your own stand. The caught fish shall be released immediately after weighing or may be retained upon payment at the control post or at the administrator.

Cash prizes, cups, medals.
Places 1, 2, 3 and CMMC are awarded.

For contest entries you can pay either at the "La Radian" Store located on Șos. Râmnicu Sărat, no. 29 or in Apsbr Bank Account: RO34BACX0000001592423000.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you in competition.

Source: Braila Sport Fishermen's Association (APSBr)

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