Autentificarea în aplicația "ePește l@ Brăila"

Autentificarea în aplicația "ePește l@ Brăila"

Autentificarea în aplicația "ePește l@ Brăila"

Starting in November, the way of authentication in the application will change.

The decision, which belongs to the developer of the platform, Eventya, was taken to prevent the security problems that Facebook authentication may have, but also to facilitate access to the user account.

Thus, the following options remain available for in-app authentication:
Apple account login: authentication can be done with fingerprint or facial recognition;
login through Google account: on Android the authentication can be done through the Gmail account;
login with an email address & password.
Users already registered in the platform through a Facebook account will not be affected by this change. They will remain logged in until they choose to log out. Only at the time of disconnection, in order to reconnect to the platform, they will choose from the existing options, respectively: login through Apple account, login through Gmail account or login with email and password. At the same time, this change will not affect in any way the Facebook links set in the profile pages or the way of sharing information on Facebook.

Thank you for using the "ePește l @ Brăila" application.

Team, Assoc. C.ID.I.E.D.D. Braila

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