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Brăila, Romania


Located in southeastern Romania, in the Romanian Plain, Braila County covers an area of ​​4765.8 km2. The administrative residence, the city of Braila, one of the largest ports in Romania, is located 200 km northeast of Bucharest. Braila is located at 46 ° 16’17 ”north latitude and 27 ° 58’33” east longitude. The plain is the predominant form of relief, the landscape of Braila being monotonous and without natural barriers. There are accessible transport routes in the area, mainly the Danube, which makes Braila a gateway to the world. The climate is temperate - continental, with an average temperature of 11.1 ° C, with dry summers and cold winters. The flora and fauna are specific to the plain region. The steppe, once stretching indefinitely, was transformed into agricultural land, Braila county being one of the most developed counties in Romania, from the point of view of agriculture. At the northern border, Braila county includes part of the Siret river, while in the southern part is the Baragan Plain. To the west is a small part of the Salcioara Plain and the Buzau Plain, and to the east lies the Small Island of Braila.

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Institution / FLAG Brăila Locations

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Institution / FLAG Brăila Locations